“I don’t wonder at you making a fool of yourself. Chances

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The happiness of hearing her say those words transfigured him--the manly beauty of his earlier and happier years seemed to have returned to Alban. He took her hand--he was too agitated to speak.

“I don’t wonder at you making a fool of yourself. Chances

"You are forgetting Mr. Mirabel," she reminded him gently.

“I don’t wonder at you making a fool of yourself. Chances

"I will be all that is civil and kind to Mr. Mirabel; I will like him and admire him as you do. Oh, Emily, are you a little, only a very little, fond of me?"

“I don’t wonder at you making a fool of yourself. Chances

Her fair cheek was very near to him. The softly-rising color on it said, Answer me here--and he answered.

On Monday, Mirabel made his appearance--and the demon of discord returned with him.

Alban had employed the earlier part of the day in making a sketch in the park--intended as a little present for Emily. Presenting himself in the drawing-room, when his work was completed, he found Cecilia and Francine alone. He asked where Emily was.

The question had been addressed to Cecilia. Francine answered it.

"Emily mustn't be disturbed," she said.


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the moving ray. Inhaling sibilantly, Max leaped after her.

The human being is angry because it knows it should feel

or “wise,” or “compassionate,” or whatever); then

Why is this? I don’t understand this. I see that Your

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to be abusive, and it never has to be damaging to another.

all events are created by you uncon-sciously; every person,

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religious, social, and economic pressures, restric-tions,

him sped the yellow figure, and right to the end. The seemingly

This, too, we’ll talk about again later, when we take

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