The malignant cripple had guessed from whom the information

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He was perfectly shameless; he denied that he had seen it, in the most positive manner. "Upon my honor, I thought you were mystifying me, and I humored the joke."

The malignant cripple had guessed from whom the information

She sighed, and looking at him with an expression of tender reproach. "I wonder whether I can believe you," she said softly.

The malignant cripple had guessed from whom the information

"Indeed you may believe me!" he assured her.

The malignant cripple had guessed from whom the information

She hesitated--for the pleasure of hesitating. "I don't know. Emily is very much admired by some men. Why not by you?"

"For the best of reasons," he answered "She is poor, and I am poor. Those are facts which speak for themselves."

"Yes--but Emily is bent on attracting you. She would marry you to-morrow, if you asked her. Don't attempt to deny it! Besides, you kissed her hand."

"Don't call me 'Miss de Sor'! Call me Francine. I want to know why you kissed her hand."

He humored her with inexhaustible servility. "Allow me to kiss _your_ hand, Francine!--and let me explain that kissing a lady's hand is only a form of thanking her for her kindness. You must own that Emily--"


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fowls, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, and cattle; the order

  Mom was sitting at a booth, studying the menu, when

of three. It was easy, I said. You just put the hot dogs

I watched the yellow-white flames make a ragged brown line

often among the blooms beneath the great moon—the black-haired,

and metal cabinets. I stared for a while at the rows of

some Vivaldi on, hoping the music would settle me down.

support; to my editor, Nan Graham, for her keen sense of

wooden steps. He drew himself closely to these, and directed

for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom

to the same party would spot us together and Mom would

  Look, I'm a half-mummy, I said to one of the nurses.

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bronze-and-silver vases and the old books with worn leather

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money. Tell me what it is you need.She thought for a moment.

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it better.You want to help me change my life? Mom asked.

tiny dots in the ceiling panels. Ice cubes covered my stomach

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his fingers, right and left, and presently found slimy

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of three-halfpence, two fowls, one of which, the Indian

from my face and grab a handful of cubes. I heard a loud

for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom

watching me. I stabbed one of the hot dogs with a fork

of three-halfpence, two fowls, one of which, the Indian

exactly what I'm saying. You're way too easily embarrassed.

and bent over and offered it to him. The wiener was hot,

Georgian maps I'd had framed, the Persian rugs, and the

could trust. To them he explained his plans and the rich

and black-rimmed glasses led my mother out of the room.

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