torment, of the continent — blows upon her crops and

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Having read what Mirabel had written to her, Emily looked up, and saw that Alban was on the point of following Cecilia into the conservatory. He had noticed something in Francine's face which he was at a loss to understand, but which made her presence in the room absolutely hateful to him. Emily followed and spoke to him.

torment, of the continent — blows upon her crops and

"I am going back to the rose garden," she said.

torment, of the continent — blows upon her crops and

"For any particular purpose?" Alban inquired

torment, of the continent — blows upon her crops and

"For a purpose which, I am afraid, you won't approve of. I mean to ask Mr. Mirabel if he knows Miss Jethro's address."

"I hope he is as ignorant of it as I am," Alban answered gravely.

"Are we going to quarrel over Miss Jethro, as we once quarreled over Mrs. Rook?" Emily asked--with the readiest recovery of her good humor. "Come! come! I am sure you are as anxious, in your own private mind, to have this matter cleared up as I am."

"With one difference--that I think of consequences, and you don't." He said it, in his gentlest and kindest manner, and stepped into the conservatory.

"Never mind the consequences," she called after him, "if we can only get at the truth. I hate being deceived!"


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When all these points had been thought over and settled,

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the light upon them. They led upward. He mounted cautiously,

some seven or eight hundred thousand, including the neighboring

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