hinted at here. All that the vilest and most bestial of

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"I don't care what your friends say; I don't care about any earthly thing but your tranquillity. Does your dog ask whether you are right or wrong? I am your dog. I think of You, and I think of nothing else."

hinted at here. All that the vilest and most bestial of

She looked back through the experience of the last few days. Miss Ladd--Mrs. Ellmother--Doctor Allday: not one of them had felt for her, not one of them had spoken to her, as this man had felt and had spoken. She remembered the dreadful sense of solitude and helplessness which had wrung her heart, in the interval before Mirabel came in. Her father himself could hardly have been kinder to her than this friend of a few weeks only. She looked at him through her tears; she could say nothing that was eloquent, nothing even that was adequate. "You are very good to me," was her only acknowledgment of all that he had offered. How poor it seemed to be! and yet how much it meant!

hinted at here. All that the vilest and most bestial of

He rose--saying considerately that he would leave her to recover herself, and would wait to hear if he was wanted.

hinted at here. All that the vilest and most bestial of

"No," she said; "I must not let you go. In common gratitude I ought to decide before you leave me, and I do decide to take you into my confidence." She hesitated; her color rose a little. "I know how unselfishly you offer me your help," she resumed; "I know you speak to me as a brother might speak to a sister--"

He gently interrupted her. "No," he said; "I can't honestly claim to do that. And--may I venture to remind you?--you know why."

She started. Her eyes rested on him with a momentary expression of reproach.

"Is it quite fair," she asked, "in my situation, to say that?"

"Would it have been quite fair," he rejoined, "to allow you to deceive yourself? Should I deserve to be taken into your confidence, if I encouraged you to trust me, under false pretenses? Not a word more of those hopes on which the happiness of my life depends shall pass my lips, unless you permit it. In my devotion to your interests, I promise to forget myself. My motives may be misinterpreted; my position may be misunderstood. Ignorant people may take me for that other happier man, who is an object of interest to you--"


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“Ranging, you call it... why would crows come ranging

boy,” said Lady Olenna abruptly. “This Joffrey.”

of three-halfpence, two fowls, one of which, the Indian

climbed back into the saddle, ignoring the both of them.

Kettleblack managed a smile when he saw Tyrion waddling

caught,” she said. “We’ve got to keep going. We’ve

our tents. They were very civil, and offered us a house;

of my sickbed.” Tyrion knew how much his father despised

“Have no fear, Lord Puff Fish is determined that Margaery

axeman from Ib, the scarred Dothraki horse lord called

his face. A bank of yellow fog instantly enveloped him,

at runs into that other one, see.” “The Big Willow,”

want to be stupid, but I’m stopping. I’ll take the

Pod and he reached the serpentine steps, however, Tyrion

all the inhabitants came down to the beach to see us pitch

battle, Sandor Clegane had come to her chambers to take

brothers skulking about?” “We were four and the Halfhand.

gallop when she spied a flat stretch of field before them.

He ducked rapidly, almost touching the muddy water with

Ser Dontos had warned her to speak freely only in the godswood.

not be as empty as you think,” he warned. “Littlefinger

them that I’m Ned Stark’s daughter and sister to the

Behind a great flowering shrub Hanson lay gazing at the

Maegor’s Holdfast was the strongest place in the Red

caught,” she said. “We’ve got to keep going. We’ve

cracks and crevices once more had brimmed with life. But

the gunpowder was wanted for making a noise on their saint

truth.” Sansa spoke quietly, but even so, it was hard

Tyrion would not deny it. “I made threats, yes. To keep

for.” His voice was sour. “Did my father dub you himself

all the inhabitants came down to the beach to see us pitch

dry, even in his cave (which was really no more than a

is dying too. Lord Hoster, surely they told you? An old

armor and the Tyrell girl splendid in green with a cloak

either a watch or a clock; and an old man who was supposed

said Margaery. “Father liked him as well, and so did

name of that queer fish from the Summer Isles that puffs

for the north. But not all he saw was warlike. He saw women

reward that they would win from him if they carried his

Jon took their measure with a glance: eight riders, men

they wanted, as soon as they saw others stopping or found

spun, and he had to grasp Bronn’s arm to keep from pitching

solid wall opened before her; it was another masked door.

dismounted. “We’ll make camp here,” he told Lenyl

each clasping the wrist of the next. “That’s a handsome

soared on great blue-grey wings, while below came men and

The people here live chiefly on shell-fish and potatoes.

my foolish flock of hens.” Dutifully, Sansa kissed the

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