seen something of convicts — though, to be sure, my fellows

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Mrs. Ellmother remonstrated and protested, in vain. As Emily had determined it should be, so it was.

seen something of convicts — though, to be sure, my fellows

"Has he said anything?" she asked, when they had arrived at their journey's end.

seen something of convicts — though, to be sure, my fellows

"He has been like a man frozen up; he hasn't said a word; he hasn't even moved."

seen something of convicts — though, to be sure, my fellows

"Take him to his sister; and tell her all that you know. Be careful to repeat what the doctor said. I can't face Mrs. Delvin. Be patient, my good old friend; I have no secrets from you. Only wait till to-morrow; and leave me by myself to-night."

Alone in her room, Emily opened her writing-case. Searching among the letters in it, she drew out a printed paper. It was the Handbill describing the man who had escaped from the inn, and offering a reward for the discovery of him.

At the first line of the personal description of the fugitive, the paper dropped from her hand. Burning tears forced their way into her eyes. Feeling for her handkerchief, she touched the pocketbook which she had received from Mrs. Rook. After a little hesitation she took it out. She looked at it. She opened it.

The sight of the bank-notes repelled her; she hid them in one of the pockets of the book. There was a second pocket which she had not yet examined. She pat her hand into it, and, touching something, drew out a letter.

The envelope (already open) was addressed to "James Brown, Esq., Post Office, Zeeland. "Would it be inconsistent with her respect for her father's memory to examine the letter? No; a glance would decide whether she ought to read it or not.


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