and fen cling close to the humid, spongy ground. All around

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"Not more than a quarter of an hour, I should think."

and fen cling close to the humid, spongy ground. All around

"Did anything remarkable occur in the course of conversation?"

and fen cling close to the humid, spongy ground. All around

Alban interfered for the first time. "Did you say anything," he asked, "which agitated or offended Miss Brown?"

and fen cling close to the humid, spongy ground. All around

"That's rather an extraordinary question," Francine remarked.

"Have you no other answer to give?" Alban inquired.

"I answer--No!" she said, with a sudden outburst of anger.

There, the matter dropped. While she spoke in reply to Mr. Wyvil, Francine had confronted him without embarrassment. When Alban interposed, she never looked at him--except when he provoked her to anger. Did she remember that the man who was questioning her, was also the man who had suspected her of writing the anonymous letter? Alban was on his guard against himself, knowing how he disliked her. But the conviction in his own mind was not to be resisted. In some unimaginable way, Francine was associated with Emily's flight from the house.

The answer to the telegram sent from the railway station had not arrived, when Alban took his departure for London. Cecilia's suspense began to grow unendurable: she looked to Mirabel for comfort, and found none. His office was to console, and his capacity for performing that office was notorious among his admirers; but he failed to present himself to advantage, when Mr. Wyvil's lovely daughter had need of his services. He was, in truth, too sincerely anxious and distressed to be capable of commanding his customary resources of ready-made sentiment and fluently-pious philosophy. Emily's influence had awakened the only earnest and true feeling which had ever ennobled the popular preacher's life.


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fortune greater than this as happening to any man, provided,

was the especial pride and joy of My Dear and Meriem. The

Coningsby, so on the whole I thought L300 a year would

he would lose the money; but it did not turn out so in

the registrar at Letchbury on the 15th of August, 1851.”

out to be lignite of little value, in the sandstone (probably

invested the whole of Ernest’s L15,000 at this price,

say he would have gone through all he had suffered if it

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kitchen as the scullion rinsed them and put them by; to

others she never smiled at me. Why, never was anyone half

venture out of the middle of the most beaten path. Ernest

numbers. I never saw anything more obliging and humble

he would lose the money; but it did not turn out so in

still further during the year and a half that remained

than a few shillings or take more than half a day or a

reward that they would win from him if they carried his

my father and grandfather before me) I came out in the

out all the better in the end for having been left to settle

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the last few words of his story Ernest had turned white

kettle-holder, or some other similar small token of recognition,

On went the Eurasian, up to her waist in the flood, with

Had the doctor been less eminent in his profession I should

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