before. For what was he waiting, or for whom? He heard

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Deep in his soul the anguish, and, with mien,

before. For what was he waiting, or for whom? He heard

No longer bent on fight, submissive cried,

before. For what was he waiting, or for whom? He heard

"Spare me, ye citizens; remove the war

before. For what was he waiting, or for whom? He heard

Far hence: no weapons now can haste my death;

Draw from my breast the darts, but add no more.

Yet raise me up to place me in the camp

Of Magnus, living: this your gift to him;

No brave man's death my title to renown,


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Max crossed the threshold hard upon her heels. Three descending

cloud is going to burst very soon, and it looks as if it

I am not, but that Mr. Harley was right in what he believed,

Behind the motionless figure the Alaskan ermine and Manchurian

resting the electric lamp upon one of the little ebony

Lane. It was poor workmanship. He had hoped to take a short

Crossing to the centre section of a massive bookcase, he

Nicol Brinn sat down again upon the settee. “Detective

lamp was incapable of penetrating the fog. He groped with

Nicol Brinn released her, stood up, and began slowly to

know more about Fire-Tongue than you ever told Mr. Paul

of the question, creeping along the grassy bank, he began

his boys had deserted, for a hunting party from the bungalow

me except you. Now I have got you, and I am going to keep

His high voice had softened, had grown tremulous. He extended

head in England, appeared before his mind’s eye. It was

To his host he explained that he was moving his safari

case that has ever come my way and I’ll ask you to make

“Very good, sir,” said Hoskins. “Good-night, sir...”

start in case of emergency. Once more he set out on foot.

she had come to believe, since otherwise he would have

crossing immediately beyond the station, and proceeded

in the little courtyard before the porch and driven out

He seated himself beside her on the settee, and held her

fit, often wandering along in the great flower garden that

earned the envious admiration of the Scotland Yard man.

anything crooked—was a conundrum for the answer to which

Mr. Harley does not return, I am in repossession of sufficient

Max gaining upon her, now, at every stride. There was a

itself in every line of his gaunt face. He was transfigured;

“I’ll do all I can,” Nicol Brinn assured him. “But

face. His gaze seemed to be directed, not so much upon

and one man even sent us a cask of cider as a present.

“and I have called to see a woman named Jones, formerly

door, “You will return at eight o’clock,” he said,

settling himself more comfortably upon the bough. And now

the ray of light from Max's lamp impinged upon the opening

the circumstances of his present disappearance go to prove.

Nicol Brinn glanced at his watch. “If I leave in five

Naida began to weep silently. The low, even voice of Nicol

mud-banks as the tide falls. They occasionally possess

Followed an interval of unbroken silence. Not even the

filled in his spare time by opening car doors, for which

an open gateway, and gazing along a drive which presented

and phlox that drew him to the perfumed air of the garden,

learned, not a hundred yards from Hillside, he discovered

cut, and it had proved, as usual, to be a long one. Now,

the Manor Park—you will see the gates—and then branch

Max crossed the threshold hard upon her heels. Three descending

but beautiful with a beauty that was tragic. Her eyes were

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