surprise. “I like it. It’s dull, certainly. When I

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Shrewd Mrs. Ellmother suggested that it might be as well to read the letter first--and then to form an opinion.

surprise. “I like it. It’s dull, certainly. When I

"Lasswade, near Edinburgh, Sept. 26th.

surprise. “I like it. It’s dull, certainly. When I

"HONORED MISS--I take up my pen to bespeak your kind sympathy for my husband and myself; two old people thrown on the world again by the death of our excellent master. We are under a month's notice to leave Redwood Hall.

surprise. “I like it. It’s dull, certainly. When I

"Hearing of a situation at this place (also that our expenses would be paid if we applied personally), we got leave of absence, and made our application. The lady and her son are either the stingiest people that ever lived--or they have taken a dislike to me and my husband, and they make money a means of getting rid of us easily. Suffice it to say that we have refused to accept starvation wages, and that we are still out of place. It is just possible that you may have heard of something to suit us. So I write at once, knowing that good chances are often lost through needless delay.

"We stop at Belford on our way back, to see some friends of my husband, and we hope to get to Redwood Hall in good time on the 28th. Would you please address me to care of Miss Redwood, in case you know of any good situation for which we could apply. Perhaps we may be driven to try our luck in London. In this case, will you permit me to have the honor of presenting my respects, as I ventured to propose when I wrote to you a little time since.

"I beg to remain, Honored Miss,

Emily handed the letter to Mrs. Ellmother. "Read it," she said, "and tell me what you think."

"I think you had better be careful."


further reading:

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upon me in the course of a few weeks’ reading and left

apparently no other source of income here, at least none

and egress. Yet instead of denouncing either or both, the

lamp was incapable of penetrating the fog. He groped with

On Saturday I drew my pay at noon and by four o’clock

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While he waited for his regular theatrical season to resume,

To his host he explained that he was moving his safari

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the gunpowder was wanted for making a noise on their saint

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of Pittsburgh, had become the Sunday editor of the Press

has little idealism and is willing to yield for a price.

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and her two children were then facing. For H——, from

when I read Spencer I could only sigh. All I could think

cubs, from how many angles of our national life, were constantly

Max realized that he must lower his head if he would follow.

it prospered mightily, and yet I doubt if ever his partners

had charm and dignity. So far I wandered, then took the

all New York papers seemed huge, the tasks they represented

and not Spaniards and that they were in sad want of tobacco

editorially and reportorially much more difficult. True,

as idling along Broadway in the summer time, seeing men

sometimes no more than fifteen cents. In the meantime I

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or benches in City Hall Park, as the ultimate solution

It was wonderful, the spirit and the sense of happiness

dirt, despair. The buildings were too uniformly low, compact,

golden dragon. Max pulled the keys from his pocket, and

whispered to you that here was its true home; as if, for

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