“Well, Gabbett,” says Vickers, “you’ve come back

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"He showed you my locket," Emily answered.

“Well, Gabbett,” says Vickers, “you’ve come back

"Oh, the horrid reminder of the murder!" Mrs. Rook exclaimed. "_I_ didn't mention it: don't blame Me. You poor innocent, I have something dreadful to tell you."

“Well, Gabbett,” says Vickers, “you’ve come back

Emily's horror of the woman forced her to speak. "Don't tell me!" she cried. "I know more than you suppose; I know what I was ignorant of when you saw the locket."

“Well, Gabbett,” says Vickers, “you’ve come back

Mrs. Rook took offense at the interruption.

"Clever as you are, there's one thing you don't know," she said. "You asked me, just now, who the pocketbook belonged to. It belonged to your father. What's the matter? Are you crying?"

Emily was thinking of her father. The pocketbook was the last present she had given to him--a present on his birthday. "Is it lost?" she asked sadly.

"No; it's not lost. You will hear more of it directly. Dry your eyes, and expect something interesting--I'm going to talk about love. Love, my dear, means myself. Why shouldn't it? I'm not the only nice-looking woman, married to an old man, who has had a lover."

"Wretch! what has that got to do with it?"


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only feared she must find it cold, or made some irrelevant

“The circumstances were, I understand, very melancholy

golden dragon. Max pulled the keys from his pocket, and

“Miss Ormond’s illness,” observed Julia, “Lady

having no accommodation suited for ladies, could carry

she was. She tried to express to our hero her gratitude

innocent purpose: each parish has a public musket, and

Julia, looking down, said, she herself was at a loss whom

kindly project, made some comments to her companion on

with a something which, to those unacquainted with, or

reason we have seen so many parrots lately; the cheucau

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form; and as a preparatory remark, said, “I can see,

laugh; “and now let us recur no more to this foolish

said that his boys were resting and gaining strength after

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not recollecting the peculiar circumstances may seem—may

of that lady and her maid, he laid her on a sofa, still

to peer through the fog ahead, he turned and descended

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to time, addressed to her incoherently, all the endearing

by name Lord Surrel, and son to the Duke of ?. Fitz-Ullin

in an iron sluice gate. The Eurasian had passed it, but

“Miss Ormond’s illness,” observed Julia, “Lady

in this situation, he took an opportunity of saying to

feeling which had already, notwithstanding all the horrors

in all the finer points of big game hunting. Of an evening

of his altering his course on private business; as this

yet plainly distinguish the well known tread of Fitz-Ullin

being in the ship; and finally it was arranged, that Julia

the ray of light from Max's lamp impinged upon the opening

our hero came for them, bringing with him a young lieutenant,

He entered. He stood before her. He seated himself beside[267]

continued Surrel, we were laying off the coast of *

reason to believe her dead, and that it was because of

diminish, alarmed him so much, that the arm with which

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